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Please give us at least 48 hours notice on catering orders.

Breakfast Platters

Large platter of our house-made veggie-cheese quiche squares. Serves 15.      $59.99
– Half-size. Serves 7.                                                                                              $29.99

– A selection of  bagels with cream cheese                                                          $4.99/person

A selection of our incredible muffins                                                                  $3.59/person

Coffee to Go                                                                                        $19.99

A container of 8 cups of our signature Staunton Coffee; organic, fair-trade, locally roasted coffee. With cream, sugar and stir sticks.

Fruit Platter                                                                                        $39.99

A platter of delicious in-season fresh fruit with a yogurt dip. Perfect for a party, delightful for breakfast, or an upscale touch for lunch.

Veggie Platter                                                                                    $25.99

A selection of colorful fresh veggies with dip. Super for lunch, great for a party.

Wraps Platter                                                                              $9.99/person

It’s hard to beat the variety and taste of our Cranberry’s mini-wraps.

Ask about gluten-free options.