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The Store

The Store

Our Apothecary

We have carefully chosen homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements to meet the needs of health and welleness for all age groups. Besides that, we carry a number of herbs in bulk form. Because natural remedies and alternative medicine have been rising in topic, we have seen many customers express interest in learning on their own and practicing their own herbal remedies at home. We have some essentials tools to introduce you to the world of herbs and natural remedies.

Our Grocery

Boasts a tidy and popular selection of organic, natural, and local foods. Here you will find Trickling Springs milk, organic produce, Bells Valley free-range eggs, grass-fed meat from Polyface Farm, Cestari Farm meat, Wadel’s Farm handmade cheeses, as well as locally-roasted coffee beans, delicious gluten-free items, and more.

Our Bodycare

Section features all-natural hair care, skin care, mineral make-up, essential oils, sunscreen, bug repellent and even slice-your-own goat’s milk soaps — everything you need to stay healthy, beautiful, and chemical-free.

We ship anywhere in the US!

Call in to see what we’ve got; or if you have been in the store to know what we have just call, fax or email us and we’ll wrap and ship your request.
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