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Breakfast at Cranberry's

The following items marked with a (*) are available in gluten-free versions upon request.
Items marked with a (†) are available in a vegan versions upon request.

*† Fresh Fruit Cup — 2.49

Bagels — 3.89

Locally made. Choice of plain, whole wheat, everything, sesame, cranberry, or cinnamon raisin. Served with butter or cream cheese.

Muffins & Scones

Local, of course! On display in our dessert case.

† Kazzie’s Locally-Made Gourmet Granola — 4.79

Served with whole, skim, almond, coconut hemp, or soy milk. Substitute vanilla yogurt (+ 1.59).

* Banker’s Breakfast — 6.19

A sandwich with 2 local-farm scrambled eggs, soy mayo, & melted cheddar on Newtown multigrain, sourdough, or rye toast or a bagel (+ 50¢). Substitute cream cheese & tomato for the mayo & cheddar (+ 99¢), add bacon (+ 1.49), or try a One-Egg Banker’s (5.19).

Big Traveler’s Breakfast — 13.99

A plate full of goodness to fuel your day of adventure!
– 2 Polyface Farm eggs, made to order
– 3 strips of bacon, 2 links of Polyface Farm sausage, or a heaping serving of black beans
– Our baked-to-perfection Hash Brown Casserole
– 2 slices of Newtown multigrain, sourdough, or rye toast
Want greens? Add spinach or kale or 99¢
Want spice? Add green chili sauce for 1.99

* Breakfast Burrito — 7.49

Scrambled Polyface Farm egg, cheddar cheese, black beans, brown basmati rice, red onion, tomato, & salsa in a chili tortilla. Add bacon (+1.49), green chili sauce (+1.99), and/or avocado (+99¢).

* Rick’s Cyclops — 5.49

Invented by one of our customers! One Polyface Farm egg over easy on buttered sourdough toast with 3 strips of bacon.

* Cheese Grit Casserole — 3.99

Cheddar cheese & southern grits. Add green chili sauce (+ 99¢), bacon (+ 1.49), and/or an egg on top (+ 1.69).

* Hash Brown Casserole — 5.79

Potatoes, onions, & cheese baked to perfection.

*† Huevos Rancheros — 8.79

2 local-farm eggs over easy & black beans smothered in our homemade New Mexican green chili sauce, served with a warm whole wheat tortilla or organic traditional corn tortillas. Make it vegan by substituting tempeh or tofu. Add avocado for 99¢.

* Melting Pot Scramble — 7.99

Delicious melting pot of Polyface Farm scrambled eggs, cheddar, diced ham, bell peppers, onion, & tomato. Served with Newtown multigrain toast or a bagel (+ 50¢).

* Nice, Normal Breakfast — 8.49

2 local-farm scrambled eggs, bacon, & toast or bagel (+ 50¢). Substitute Polyface Farm sausage for bacon for +3.19.

Oatmeal Bake — 5.69

Warm, homemade oatmeal muffin served with banana, milk, & local maple syrup.

*† Oatmeal Supreme — 9.29

A powerfully healthy bowl of gluten-free oats, milk of your choice (whole, almond, soy, coconut hemp), organic dried figs and currants, walnuts, dried apricots, fresh fruit, vanilla, cinnamon, and Virginia maple syrup. Too much? Try a kids’ size for 4.99.

*† Southwest Tofu Scramble — 9.99

Scrambled scallions, bell pepper, tofu, roasted chilies, & spices. Served with Newtown multigrain toast or a bagel (+ 50¢).

Findells’ Square Deal — 6.49

Half-waffle, a scrambled Polyface egg, & 3 strips of bacon. (Invented by the owners’ brother, lead singer of the Findells.) For another customer creation, order the egg over easy & call it a “Dennis.”

Waffle — 7.49

Our famous large homemade yeast ‘n’ malt waffle served with butter & local maple syrup. Add fruit (+ 1.59) or add fruit & whipped cream (+ 1.99).

The Virginia Department of Health would like us to remind you that consuming raw or undercooked meat or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.