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Coming soon… Queen City Mischief and Magic! 

Cranberry’s has been a proud touch of magic for the wizards participating in QCMM for 3 years. We provide fun activities for all ages! Read our proclamation outside of the Goblet of Cranberry’s and wander into the oldest building in the village. You will be greeted by wizards before the mysterious scavenger hunt game. Will you find the wizard in the cupboard under the closet? Munch on our chocolate frogs, chocolate wands, jelly slugs, and other snacks while you wander and spin the wheel for a prize! Quench your thirst with a butterscotch beer, or a handcrafted potion smoothie before you return to the streets of Staunton. If your heart is feeling brave enough, ascend upstairs to the trivia lair for an extra game unlocking more secrets…





Cranberry’s would like to welcome LGBT+ individuals of our community and those coming for the Staunton Pride Festival Oct 5th-7th. On October 5th before opening night, we will have rainbow cookies and lemonade in the upstairs meeting room from 1pm to 5:30pm! There will be twister and pride trivia!