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What’s New

❄️❄️ Happy New Years!  ❄️❄️

At Cranberry’s we are all about your New Years Resolutions. 

If you’re trying to lose weight, start a new diet, or just want to explore the wonders of healthy supplements, we have digestive aids such as Restore, Papaya Enzyme, Pepogest, and other Essential Enzymes. 

CBD Oil has been our best seller all season and receives amazing reviews, trying conditions such as arthritis pain, anxiety/depression, and PTSD. 

Our snacks can be found at the American Shake-sphere Center right around the corner! They have trail mix, cheddar bunnies, gummy bears, chocolate cranberries, peanuts, and yogurt pretzels.

What’s Happening this month?

January 12th – “New Year New You”,

StauntonNites at Nu-Beginning Farm

221 N Lewis St, Staunton, VA 24401

Overcoming Fear, Failure, & Disappointment

“We are so excited for this event to encourage and uplift you! We will be trying new foods, meeting local motivators, learning about quick skincare and makeup tricks, as well as making dream boards!

Event will showcase ways to get over obstacles that may have stopped you from getting to your goals in 2018….”

4pm-5pm – Cranberry’s Trivia. We’ll break out the buzzers and quiz you on all things about healthy eating.

5pm-5:45pm – Overcoming Fear with Self Love! Ali&Co will be teaching women to overcome the fear of trying something new and the power of self love.

6pm-6:45pm – Overcoming Failure with Vision! Dream Boards! Each table will have items to create a 2019 goal/dream board.

7-7:40pm – Overcoming Disappointment with Motivation to Move!  Jazzercise by Sole Focus Running.

From all of us to all of you, have a jubilant January.

Joseph, Sierra, Kristin, Crysta, Greg, Angela, Allie, Heather, Nicole, Rob, Michael, Layla, Larry, Lilli, Lilley, Brooke, Syrina, Sarah, Mason, and Vicki.