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We have a Top 10 list! In fact, we have two Top 10 lists!

But … before we get to them, we’d like to pause and remind you that this is the season for belief. And giving. There are lots of ways to believe. Most importantly, we should believe in each other. The people we work with. The people spend time with. The people who mean the most in our lives.


And giving? Yes, we know we’re in the business of selling presents, but we think most people spent too much on things. Time is more valuable than stuff. When it’s time to give, think of places like Valley Mission or the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, two outstanding organizations that Cranberry’s has worked with in the past.

But, yes, we also realize that gifts are an important part of the season. You have family and other loved ones who are special, and you want to give them special presents. And, if we do say so ourselves, we think Cranberry’s presents are the best.

And so …. now to our Top 10 lists. We were going to list 10 of our best gift ideas, but we have soooo much cool stuff that we ended up with 20.

Top 10 List! (Part I)                                                                                                               Cranberry’s Gift Ideas

10. Virginia Peanuts (try the Chocolate Brittle)
9. Local Honey (from right here in Augusta County)
8. Local Beer & Wine (we have awesome breweries & vineyards)    7. Harry Potter House Candles & Stocking Stuffers (for all your favorite wizards)                                                                                  6. Coffee (our own fair-trade, organic roasts from Staunton Coffee Co. We ship just about anywhere!)                                        5. Local jewelry (necklaces and earrings from local artisans)            4. Local soaps (from Wynott and Made by Mieka)                          3. Santiago Gourmet Chocolates (made in Staunton)                        2. Andes fair-trade hats, scarves, & gloves (stay warm, people!)                                1. Cranberry’s Gift Cards. Of course! Give the gift of Cranberry’s.


Top 10 List! (Part II)
Even More Cranberry’s Gift Ideas

10. Local music (CDs from Wilson Fairchild, the Judy Clops, and the Findells)
Bamboo Kitchenware (practical, sustainable)
Eco-friendly Office & School Supplies (there’s even a bamboo calculator)
7. Perfume Oils (smell great, naturally)
6. Salt Lamps (perfect for the home)
5. Christmas teas (“Peppermint Bark”, “Comfort & Joy” and more)
4. Frankincense & Myrrh (soaps, lotions, rubs, bath salts, ahhhh!)
3. Tapestries (colorful and beautiful)
2. CBD Oil (self-care for those you love)
1. Cranberry’s T-shirts. The new ones look awesome!

From all of us to all of you, have a daring and delightful December.

Joseph, Sierra, Kristin, Crysta, Greg, Angela, Allie, Heather, Nicole, Rob, Michael, Layla, Larry, Lilli, Lilley, Brooke, and Syrina.