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Which house are you?


There’s a bit of wizardly craziness happening in Staunton this month. Notice the Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs, Jelly Slugs, and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans? And how about those House Candles? Sort yourself out and the get the house that belongs to you – or just collect all four!



It’ll be the biggest weekend this town has seen in decades when the Queen City Mischief and Magic party takes place from September 22-24. There’ll be quidditch in the streets, Harry Potter movies at the Visualite, your favorite characters all around, and lots of events and goodies at your favorite downtown spots.

Cranberry’s will be a must-stop place during all the fun. We’ll be holding special Harry Potter editions of Trivia Night on Friday night and Saturday morning. Plus, you can join in the “Search for Harry Potter” treasure hunt to spin the wheel and win a prize. And, yeah, don’t forget to pick up some of those frogs and a candle. No wizard’s room would be complete without ’em!





Break out your wands and see you soon,

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