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What’s New


We are constantly bringing in awesome new products at Cranberry’s. It’s quite the task to keep up with them all!

We could write a never-ending blog about all the cool stuff in our Grocery and Eatery, but here’s just a sample of our latest goodies: In the Grocery, we now carry Staunton-made Santiago gourmet chocolates. Yep, they’re made right here in town. Don’t they look delicious?




In the Eatery, they’ve concocted two new treats for the dessert case: Pumpkin Spice Cashew Cream and Blackberry Chia Pudding. Oh, my! Try one before they’re gone.





Obviously the best way to try out the new (and the familiar) is to pay us a visit. Even if you were here just a few days ago, chances are we’ve added something new since then.

See you soon ….

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