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Let’s talk about leftovers!compost

Huh? Yeah, that’s right. Those food scraps left on your plate, whether at your home, or on your picnic, or at your favorite fancy restaurant, or even at Cranberry’s. (Yes, we realize there are times you just don’t have room for the last bite of that yummy Breakfast Burrito!)

Whatever the location, you should NOT throw most leftovers into the garbage. That food waste is valuable stuff! It can be converted to compost, which farmers use to grow crops and other families use to produce juicier tomatoes in their backyard gardens. Also, keeping food out of the garbage means there’s less trash to dump into the landfill. Let’s face it: We’re running out of landfill space in many parts of the country.

At home, you can keep a compost bin right in your kitchen. No, the bins don’t smell. We sell ’em in the Grocery here at Cranberry’s; they use charcoal to keep the odors at bay.

When eating out, don’t be shy about asking a manager what he/she does with the food scraps. Many restaurants and cafes here in Staunton donate their food waste to local farms.

At Cranberry’s, we’ve had a partnership with Black Bear Composting for several years. We don’t produce much food waste because we’re careful with our daily preparations, and because our Eatery is a made-to-order cafe. Still, in 2016 alone, the compost we produced would cover an Olympic-sized volleyball court 2 inches deep. (Thanks to Black Bear for the statistics.)

Unfortunately, Black Bear ceased its Staunton operations in January. We’re sad to see them go, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be composting. We’re proud to announce a new affiliation with our friends at Pampered Palate, the cafe that’s just around the corner. The wonderful people who run Pampered Palate raise chickens and have a garden in Middlebrook. Our compost will continue to do great things!

So, if you’ve never composted, give it a try. Save those scraps. If you don’t have a garden, we bet you know someone who does.

And, of course, next time you’re in Cranberry’s, please put those leftovers (if you have any) into our compost bin.

See you soon!

Joseph, Sierra, Rob, Jen, Kristin, Sarah, Kendra, Greg, Mary, Angela, Melinda, and Kody.